This is a Trivia game created by square dancers for all dancers present and future.    This game is simple, just correctly answer Charlie’s trivia question! To send your answer just click on Cowboy Charlie and fill out the "Send Us Your Answer" form  and submit it.  Whomever is the first to correctly answer the trivia question by email wins  one free dance pass to a regular monthly Charlie Brown  Squares dance! For now, sometime during the month, there will be a  chance to win every month.  So check back often.  Once someone has been lucky enough to answer the trivia question  correctly, Charlie will announce that there is a winner! The winner will  be posted within a few days of the correct answer and the dance pass  will be given to the winner.  


FEB's Trivia question! 


OH NO.... NO ONE WON!!! 

Had quite a few guesses but no right answers.

Did you know this last one? Give this next one a go now.



Did Roy Rogers ever do any square dance calling?

Do you know this one?



 Which one of these lines represents the relative popularity of the terms “square dance”,  need to pitch in and help our dance activities become more popular! Get involvement? 

Well, since no one guessed correctly at this QUESTION/QUIZ, Charlie says to go ahead and give out the answer on this one. 

Don't let the answer surprise you!

You might want to sit down first!


Blue - Ballroom Dance

Red - Round Dance

Gold - Line Dance

Green - Square Dance

If this graph is any indication of the overall health of our Dance Activities then we ALL  need to pitch in and help our dance activities become more popular! Get involved, lend a hand and please talk it up to everyone around you!

Charlie Brown Calendar & Events


3/2/2019    March Madness MS & Plus

                        (March On Hunger - Food Bank Donations)

                         Caller - Phil Ramey & Cuer - Rikki Lobato

3/16/2019   Lucky Leprechaun Dance Early Advanced w/MS & Plus

                         Caller - Richard Lane & Cuer - Bob Dingman

4/6/2019   DARK  Buckeroo’s Birthday Dance 

4/20/2019   Garden Party MS & Plus

                          Caller - Chuck Simpkins & Cuer - Bob Dingman

5/4/2019    DARK Federation Dance - Medford

5/18/2019   America The Beautiful MS & Plus

                         Caller - George Hermann & Cuer - Patty Hermann

5/24-26 2019           BOATNIK FESTIVAL 2019 ALL SKATE

                         Caller - Joe Saltel & Cuer - TJ (& Bruce) Chadd 

6/1/2019   Strawberry Fields Forever MS & Plus

                      (Strawberry Shortcake Feast)

                       Caller - Mike Kious & Cuer - Rikki Lobato  

6/15/2019   Smiles & Sunshine Dance Early Adv w/MS & Plus

                         Say Something Nice

                          Callers - Charlie Robertson, Kip Garvey, Don Wood

                          Cuer - Rikki Lobato 

7/6/2019    Dance Explosion MS & Plus

                        Caller - Darrell Kalmbach & Cuer - Sarge Glidewell

7/20/19   Best Foot Forward - Kick Up Your Heels  MS & Plus

                      Caller - Chuck Simpkins & Cuer - Elaine Funk