GREAT Way to Socialize!

GREAT Way to Socialize!

GREAT Way to Socialize!


Smiles and Laughter, 

is what we are after! 

PLUS! You get to use 

ALL of your senses!



GREAT Way to Socialize!

GREAT Way to Socialize!

 We Dance to have FUN! 

We dance for Smiles! 

We dance our cares away! 

We definitely don't run. 

But we dance for miles. 

We dance the calories away! 

It keeps us bright!

 It lifts our spirits high! 

So why not come join us 

when you can. 

You just might become

 the newest fan! 



GREAT Way to Socialize!


If you are looking for; 

1. Social Aspects 

2. Healthy Environment 

3. Stress Relief 

4. Cardiovascular Fitness 

5. Body & Brain Boost 

6. Calorie Burn 

7.  Distance/Endurance 

8. Sturdy Bones 

9. Rehabilitation 

10. Metal Health 

11. Balance

The club


  The Charlie Brown Squares dance club from Grants Pass, Oregon came into existence in 1967 when several energetic dancers decided  to form a new club.  They were ambitious and ready to dance anywhere  they could and they wanted a name that reflected this, a name that was  non-traditional!!  The dancers gathered in the living room in one of the  dancers homes to discuss their ideas on what the name of the the club  should be!  At that time they all were huge fans of the Peanuts comic  strip written by Charles Schulz, so they suggested the "Charlie Brown  Squares."  It was a hit!  A non-traditional name that represents  & sounds FUN!  Since most were avid "Charlie Brown" cartoon readers  they decided to send a letter to get permission from Charles Schulz and  to make him an honorary member!  The letter was sent in 1967 and a letter came back shortly after that granting permission and with Charles Schulz accepting the honorary membership!  So the dancers claimed the name and formed a club named the "Charlie Brown Squares"!
    The club was very small in the beginning but it didn't take long for  it to catch on and grow.  The Charlie Brown Squares danced in several  different locations one of which was the old Isaac Walton Building in  Riverside Park near the boat ramp.  The Charlie Browns, along with  several other clubs, were finally able to set up the Square Dance Center  in mid 1974, at the Josephine County Fairgrounds where they  currently dance!  The  club grew and flourished over the years.  Other callers have had the  pleasure of being the Charlie Browns club caller.  These have included  Loren Cochran, Bob Studevoss, Wayne Weaver and Ken Trowbridge.   
During its 52 year growth, the club  has had some great leadership and workers to keep it strong.  For 52  years, the "Charlies" have continued to be a "non-traditional" club that  is full of energy and fun!  The Charlie Browns hold beginner dance  programs twice a year, in September and in January.   Check out our Dance PROGRAMS PAGE for more information! More  recently, the "Charlie's" have acquired a nickname of "Rowdy Browns."   Their fun loving nature and eagerness to tease and please have earned  them this title.  When traveling to other dance clubs to dance a "Rowdy  Brown" often hears "Oh you're one of those Charlie Browns, what fun!",  "You all are fun to dance with!" & "We love dancing with you, the  "Rowdy Browns" sure know how to have FUN!"  So check us out and let's get to havin' some fun!     The  Charlie Browns have grown considerably in the past years and has a  membership of over 100 dancers.  It is one of the largest clubs in  Southern Oregon and is still growing.  Their members include dancers  from Southern Oregon, Northern California and beyond!