Charlie Brown Squares
Charlie's Square Dance Trivia Game

This is a Trivia game created by square dancers for all dancers present and future.
This game is simple, just correctly answer Charlie’s trivia question by clicking on
Cowboy Charlie

wait for the form to appear, then fill out the information
and submit it.
Whomever is the first to correctly answer the trivia question by email wins
one free dance pass
to a regular monthly Charlie Brown Squares dance! For now, sometime during the month, there will be a chance to win every month.
So check back often.
Once someone has been lucky enough to answer the trivia question correctly, Charlie will announce that there is a winner! The winner will be posted within a few days of the correct answer and the dance pass will be given to the winner.

June's Trivia question!

Sorry there was NO winner for June!

July's Trivia question!
Has Square Dancing ever been done at Disneyland?
Do you know this one?

Charlie Brown Squares Dance Themes 2017-2018

Dance Nights
1st (Mainstream) & 3rd (Plus)

Refer to flyers for dance times & info.


Feb 17            Random Acts of Kindness Dance *Pot-Luck to follow dance* - MS/Plus/Adv

                    - caller Jet & Silvia Roberts & cuer Rikki Lobato

March 3         Pre Pi Dance *Pie Sale* *March On Hunger* - MS & Plus
                           - caller Jeniene Alexander & cuer Sarge Glidwell

March 17        Irish Rover Dance - Advanced/Mainstream/Plus
                           - caller Michael Haworth & cuer Mark McDonald

April 7            DARK  * Buckeroo Birthday Dance w/Mike Sikorsky*

April 21           Rainbow Connection - Mainstream & Plus
                               - caller Phil Ramy & cuer Bob Dingman

May 5              Cinco De Mayo Dance *Taco Bar* - Mainstream & Plus
                                - caller Roger Putzler & Cuer Elaine Funk

May 19            Salute to Our American Heroes Dance - Mainstream & Plus
                           - caller George & cuer Patty Hermann

May 25- 27     Boatnik Festival -
               - Caller Tony Oxendine
& Cuer Sharon Parker

June 2            Dance Under the Big Top - Mainstream & Plus
                          - Caller Terry Halley & cuer Steve Murphy

June 16           DARK * Gold Diggers Dance Yreka, CA

July 7              Patriotic Thunder Dance - Advanced/Mainstream/Plus
                          - Caller Bronc Wise & Cuer Rikki Lodato

July 21            Southern Nights Dance - Mainstream & Plus
                       COME ON NEWLY GRADUATED DANCERS !!!

                          - Caller Chuck Simpkins & Cuer Rikki Lobato

Dec 1                Charlie Brown Squares 51st Birthday Dance 
                          - Caller Michael Kellogg & MaryAnn Callahan

Remember that the more dance time you get
the more FUN you have,
the more FUN you have
the more dance time you'll receive,
then the FUN becomes

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